Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ahlan Wasahlan....

Hye all,hrmmm what are i going to write ya?why im here?can someone tell to me what i suppose to do here?okey la,if you all dont want to tell me,then let me tell you all about something interest...hrmm..but,wait2..actually,who am i? have you all know about me before?If not let me introduce about myself first before we go further ya... full name according to NIC is Abdullah bin all can call me LAH,not LAH VE or PAK LAH(EX-PM)eh..hehe..instead,u can also call me LOH,my hometown's nick name haha.i also got other nick name,that is 'ONGENG'.don't ask me about that's nick and please refer to my schoolmates about it if you all really want to know hahaha...i was born on 23rd september 1991 which is the first day of autumn's all can check it in geography book if you all dont believe it haha..i was born at kg Las in Setiu where there was a small village at the moment,i think that's village was given like that because there was the last destination in setiu district,i just making my conclusion only,dont know it was true or not haha..i come from kuala terengganu,terengganu and now im currently staying at my brother's house at ampang where is a very nice place to i can go back there for every weekend,dont be jealous ya my friends..hehe.i love to play football-futsal mainly,exploring the places where i never come.that's why im really like to stay at shah alam especially INTEC,since i never come here before..haha.i want to be a successful pharmasist in the future so that i can be a kindful to all people especially who need medicine mainly..
ermm what else ya..oh let me you about my loving family..truely i tell to you all that i have 13 siblings,6 men and 7 women,and im the!such a big family,dont shock or fall sick ya haha..the first sixth from my siblings had already married and the rest are still single i have 5 nephews and 5 niece..they all are so cute and naughty,just like me..hahaha..
hrmm i think that's a simple 'story' about myself..if you all desperately want to know me deeply into the house..dont be shy,just come to me and ask..i will share more my interesting story to you all,RM2 for 1 hour..haha just joking...ok see you later..daa =)


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